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Even Vincent van Gogh would have enjoyed "Starry Starry Night," an evening dedicated to the visual arts sponsored by Trinity Christian College on Thursday, November 4. Art Department Chairperson John Bakker led a private tour through the Art Institute of Chicago for a group that included more than 56 artists and friends of the College. The tour was designed to convey what happens when Christians patronize the arts and what happens when they avoid the arts.

The group viewed works by important names in the history of art, including Monet, Cezanne, Picasso, and Mondrian. Bakker also explained the hierarchy of key influencers in the art world-dealers, curators, critics, and collectors-who, along with artists, determine what works become known and shown in various public and private venues.

A highlight of the evening was an auction of directors' chairs during a dinner at the Chicago Athletic Club; area artists turned the chairs into functional works of art, using the seats and backs as their canvasses. 

"We wanted these artists to create something that would embody both the visual and communication arts aspects of Trinity's planned Art and Communication Center. A director's chair relates to the world of theatre and media, while the seats and backs represent an artist's canvas," said President Steven Timmermans. 

Participating Illinois artists were Marlene Boonstra '82, Crestwood; James Hartgerink, Elmhurst; Darlene Hoekstra, Elmhurst; Deb Kloet '92, Chicago; Chris Pierik '01, Chicago; Cassandra Swierenga, Lombard; John Ter Maat, Palos Heights; and Faith Veenstra '03, Chicago.     

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