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The Future Is Golden--December Commencement 2009

A combined class of 119 traditional baccalaureate students and adult studies students celebrated Commencement on December 19, 2009.

Keynote speaker George Vander Velde, Ph.D. ’63, vice president for campus development, shared his memories of graduating from Trinity when it was a two-year institution and the important role his Trinity experience played in his life.

In his address, “Remembrances, Reflections, and the Future,” Vander Velde not only shares his memories but also reflects on God’s hand in his life. He then encouraged graduates to trust God to do the same as they moved forward into their future.

“Let me tell you. Your future is golden, absolutely and literally golden,” said Vander Velde. “I know you’re thinking, if not saying: ‘Is this guy nuts? What could he be thinking? I’m coming out of college, looking at one of the most financially stressed times our country has known. We have the highest unemployment rate in several decades. The job market is terrible. Salaries have degraded. And my future is golden?’”

Vander Velde went on to assure graduates that no matter what the world has in store, God’s purpose for each life is preeminent and they must continue to glorify him by living out that purpose. 

“As you move forward in the next phase of your lives, do it with God,” he said. “Create your milestone in a vertical direction.”

Alumni Board President Kevin Walker ’05 welcomed the new alumni and encouraged their continued bond with the College. Dr. John Hoekstra, director of adult studies and associate professor of education, gave the invocation and Rebecca McMillan, graduating adult studies student, led the litany reading.  

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