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One of the most influential religious voices in our nation’s capitol attracted more than 150 students and faculty to the Grand Lobby of Ozinga Chapel on December 5. Rev. Richard Cizik, vice president of government affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), urged renewal of civic responsibility.

Visiting Trinity at the invitation of the Center for Law and Culture and the student-led Law & Politics Society, Cizik challenged the audience to broaden its vision of citizenship to include caring for God’s creation.

“This issue should be part and parcel of our understanding of loving God and serving others,” Cizik argued. “We need to recognize that how we live and what we consume affects the rest of the world at basic levels of human subsistence.”
Cizik talked optimistically during chapel about the next generation of evangelical leadership in public life. He also visited with student leaders and lectured to two history classes and a political science class.
“Rich’s story is inspirational,” said Professor of Political Science Charlie Emmerich and the Center’s Executive Director. “It shows what passionate, informed Christians can accomplish in public life. His visit reinforced the Center’s threefold mission of teaching citizens how to publicly glorify God, serve others, and care for the creation.”
Student Association President Nathan Vis will intern in Washington D.C. with Cizik and the NAE in January.

“Rev. Cizik helped me to better understand my responsibilities as a citizen,” Vis said. “His words not only encouraged me, but challenged me to care more and to do more.”

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