News Release


President Steven Timmermans was asked by the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance to participate in a panel discussion about the affordability of higher education. The ACSFA is an independent committee created by Congress to advise on higher education and student aid policy.

The panel discussion was part of a public hearing held on December 18 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The hearing addressed ACSFA’s recently released report on the financial barriers to attaining a college degree.

The meeting participants noted that while federal and state funding for financial aid has been relatively flat for several years, costs have risen, forcing a growing number of students to forgo college.

President Timmermans challenged several panelists who stated that student remediation is part of the solution.

“Remediate means to correct or fix something that’s broken. These students aren’t broken. It’s the economic, familial, and education systems from which they come that are broken and need fixing and restoration so let’s remediate the structures of society.”

The hearing focused on the importance of information and financial support in higher education. President Timmermans says Trinity offers plenty of both.

“Our admissions counselors truly ‘counsel’ students, helping them find their way to college. Also, we encourage lower income and first generation students to participate in a pre-college readiness program at Trinity each spring and for a week or two each summer.

“In terms of financial support, we continue to strengthen our financial aid, both through gifts from constituents who are sensitive to college affordability, and with the decisions we make with our limited institutional dollars.”

The panel will forward the details of its discussion to the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance for congressional consideration.

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