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While many college students are headed home for winter break, some Trinity students are headed to Jamaica, Spain, and Turkey.

For two weeks every January, Trinity students participate in Interim, during which they join professors and staff members in interactive learning opportunities on and off campus, throughout the United States and abroad.

"Interim takes us outside our normal context of the intense classroom teaching and learning," said College chaplain Tim Hoekstra, who along with communication arts chair Dr. Annalee Ward will lead a group to Turkey for biblical studies. "We usually look at facets of concepts that we may not have time to study in the classroom."

The international sites also include London and Honduras. Within the United States, groups will travel to Kentucky, Colorado, Alabama, and Michigan, or remain in the Chicago area. The activities for Interim 2003 encompass a wide range of interests and service opportunities, such as caving, triathlon training, video production, social work, and human anatomy, as well as cultural studies in foreign countries.

One group will team with a church in Montgomery, Alabama, to work with its social work program. In Jamaica, Trinity participants will join the construction efforts at the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf in Montego Bay, as well as spend time in prayer and Bible study with deaf children.

Each student must complete two Interims to fulfill graduation requirements. The activities typically consist of lectures and discussions combined with field trips or service projects. One of the notable benefits is that the structure allows students, faculty, and staff to familiarize themselves with each other as they focus on a common objective.

"It was an amazing way for us to draw closer to one another," said Meagan Stolte, a senior from Downers Grove, Illinois, who chose an Interim trip to Belize in Central America last year. "We studied Belize for a week, then spent a week there working with a missionary. Seeing how willingly he gave up the comfort and conveniences of home had a significant impact on us, particularly those who are considering missions work."

The College's Praise Team will head west for its annual Interim tour. The singers will make stops at various high schools and churches in Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, and British Columbia in Canada. To learn more about the praise team, see their Web site at:

"I've heard very positive things about the tour," said sophomore Steve Tuten of Mt. Morris, Illinois. "I'm looking forward to it because it will be nice for us to share with people outside Trinity as we worship God. We'll have a long drive, but I expect us to have a good time."

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Interim Updates

Jamaica Interim - 01/16/02
The students completed the work they were doing, shoveling dirt to provide a cement floor and creating a porch for the vocational building. Each evening the group shares their day's spiritual journey and are becoming close with each other, and with God. The group is enjoying working with the students at the school, and exploring the community. Another upcoming project is to visit with, and care for the babies at a local orphanage. 

Caving Interim - 01/15/02
The group spent a whole day cleaning up a dump site that drains into a cave system. It is believed that this contaminated runoff has been detrimental to the fragile ecosystem in those caves and so it is important to clean these areas as the park rangers try to discourage such dumping. The students then spent a day on the surface looking at several geological evidences of caving formation underneath. Other activities include moving walking-trail timbers which are causing environmental damage, and a visit to Caver River Valley.

Turkey Interim - 01/15/02
Over the last three days, the group has visited the sites of the seven churches of Revelation, where they studied, read scriptures and shared reflections. They were thrilled to visit Ephesus and see the theater where Paul was dragged. The group's last trip will be a long boat trip to Patomos before returning home.

London Interim - 01/15/02
The group wasted no time in getting started on their trip with a tour and history lesson in the Tower of London. Afterward, the group spent time exploring London's Picadilly Circus. The next morning was spent at the Shakespeare Globe theatre where the group learned about the Shakespearean history of acting and theatre. Some students even participated in a small acting role. That evening was spent exploring, with some students visiting Kensington Palace, The National Gallery of Art, and finally stopped at Drury Lane to see a production of "My Fair Lady." Later in the week, the group will visit Westminster Abbey, Oxford, and Stratford.

Turkey Interim - 01/13/02
The group arrived safely at the second leg of their tour. They will proceed through the seven churches. Some students have taken ill, but are all doing well and still enjoying their time, especially the conversations they have with local citizens.

Jamaica Interim - 01/13/03
The group arrived safely and is hard at work moving cinderblocks and making cement. On Sunday the group had worship at "The Meeting Place" and planned to spend time at the beach. The local students are excited to find that our students are able to communicate to them through sign-language.

Turkey Interim - 01/10/03
The group visited the mosques today and felt the Lord's calling to share Christ's love with the people who were there. The group was overcome by the mosque's beauty and  devotion of the people to their god. In addition, the Interim group also visited the grand bazaar, which has over 4,000 shops.

Honduras Interim - 01/10/03
The group is spending its time working with a school in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The terrain is mountainous, and has a population of one million people, and the group is learning about its culture.

Nancy Kwasteniet and Joy Meyer are  conducting a training session for teachers at the school the group is working with. The students are doing construction work and painting.

Turkey Interim - 01/09/03
The group arrived safely in Istanbul after an 11-hour flight. The first day will be spent visiting the Turkish Baths before retiring for the evening. On Friday, the group will visit the Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, and the Topaki Palace.

Spain Interim - 01/09/03
Students took part in a walking tour
of Seville, and had lunch at a local tapas restaurant. 

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