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Alumni Awards Announced

The 2008 Alumnus of the Year and the 2008 Honorary Alumni have been announced:

Alumnus of the Year—Henry Doorn ’81, Executive Director, Barnabas Foundation

Honorary Alumni Awards

  • Dr. Gerrit Van Dyke, former biology professor at Trinity.
  • Pete Hamstra, Vice President for Admissions & Marketing at Trinity.
  • Dr. Luke Schaap, former board member, and Pauline Schaap, women’s guild member.

Recipients will receive their awards at the Presidential Alumni Dinner on Friday, February 1, at 6:30 p.m. Homecoming weekend. The alumni office thanks everyone who participated in voting.

Alumnus of the Year

Henry Doorn
Henry DoornDoorn is the Executive Director of the Barnabas Foundation where he works to help Christians direct their financial wealth toward supporting Christian ministries.

The 1981 Trinity grad credits former accounting professor Susan Fulkerson with having a significant influence on him professionally. Doorn said that Fulkerson, who passed away this year, encouraged her students in recognizing their abilities. Then she helped Doorn secure an internship with a company that offered him full-time employment after graduation. Doorn also pointed to John Kooyenga, associate professor of business, who he said provided him with a core of understanding that well-prepared him for his vocation.

When asked to name a quality of a Trinity alum, Doorn said, “A Trinity alum should be someone who can roll up his or her sleeves and get work done. That is the nature of Trinity; the College trains students to take their spot in God’s world. We are not all necessarily ‘world-changers,’ but we are doing what we can in the spot where we are called to be.”

Doorn has served several terms on Trinity’s Board of Trustees and attends many campus events each year. He and his wife, Karen, have one daughter and three sons, one of whom is a freshman at Trinity.

Read more about the three honorary alumni here.

      G. Van Dyke           P. Hamstra           L and P Schaap

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