News Release

Las Posadas Celebrates the Journey

Las Posadas is a yearly Hispanic Christmas celebration of the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem and their search for a place to stay.

Students Yesenia Hernandez ’13 of Chicago, Illinois, and Gloria Toscano ’09 of Sun Valley, California, organized a Las Posadas celebration for the Trinity community with support from the Office of Ethnic Diversity on December 10.

Students, faculty and staff, and their children gathered in Alumni Hall for the celebration. Traditionally, the parade stops at designated houses to sing a traditional litany requesting shelter for the night but is repeatedly turned away. At the last stop, they are told there is no room in the posada (inn) but are welcome to take refuge in the stable.

Guests journeyed the corridors of Alumni Hall before settling into the classroom on the first floor. The celebration included traditional music, games for the children, and a piñata for the children to break.

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