News Release

Despite the prospect of a soft employment market, Trinity's class of 2004 was able to find jobs within their careers with relative ease, according to the College's placement office.

Among the 136 graduates who sought full-time employment after graduation, 130 are working at jobs relating to their majors. A survey conducted in November by the Cooper Career Center found that three alumni from that class are working in temporary positions while three others are continuing their search. 

"Having a 96 percent placement rate is outstanding," said Albertena VanderWeele, director of the Career Center. "It demonstrates that employers have confidence in our graduates. It also shows current and prospective students that a Trinity education can help them embark on whatever careers they decide."

In addition to those alumni who are now employed, 23 of their classmates enrolled in various graduate or professional schools. Those graduates are pursuing degrees in areas such as social work, psychology, business, and ministry.

"We believe that our students receive the preparation they need to begin the next stage of their lives after college," VanderWeele said. "Whether they prefer the working world or further education, the learning they get here helps them determine how they can best accomplish their goals. This year's placement survey gives more evidence of that."

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