News Release


President Steven Timmermans has been asked to play a pivotal role in an upcoming hearing on America’s global competitiveness with respect to the affordability of higher education. On Monday, December 18, the president will serve on a panel at a public hearing held at the University of Illinois in Chicago. There will be a discussion of a recently released report detailing the impact of financial barriers to attaining a college degree.

    The new report was prepared by the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance, an independent group created by Congress to advise on higher education and student aid policy. President Timmermans is one of seven leading educators scheduled to comment on the ACSFA’s report.

    “The costs of education keep going up, but financial aid increases don’t keep pace,” President Timmermans said. “While Trinity is tremendously affordable compared to most private higher education institutions, our families need us to advocate for increases in financial aid, both at the federal and state levels.”

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