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A group of grade-school students from Morgan Park Academy in Chicago visited Trinity's campus Monday, December 8 during a field trip as part of their studies on comparative religions.

For three years, Deb Powell '91 has coordinated the visits to different colleges, schools, churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples. Now in her fifth year teaching English and history at the elementary school, she enhances the unit on comparative religions with excursions to various faith-based institutions

"I want my students to get a clear picture of the impact that religion has on everyday life," said Powell, a former Trinity adjunct English professor. "That impact is reflected by various religious practices, so it helps my students see other people in a new light.

"I sometimes wonder how much my kids absorb because they see and hear about so many things. When we get back to our classroom, I'm pleasantly surprised to know how much they retain."

Other stops on their trip included a Greek Orthodox Church, a Muslim mosque, and a Hindu temple. When the students arrived on campus, they received a brief introduction to the College from English professor Michael Vander Weele and then took a tour of the campus, which ended in the dining hall for cookies, punch and free Trinity T-shirts.

"Trinity is a nice place," sixth-grader Joey Misulones said. "It's cool that they have foosball and pool tables. College looks like a lot of fun."

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