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Student Activities Launches "Night on the Town" Program

The Student Activities committee has taken up a new initiative to engage students with the city of Chicago. As of this fall, the $8,000-$9,000 usually designated for the spring formal has been reallocated to fund several “Night on the Town” events throughout the academic year.

The first Night on the Town event took place on October 2, giving students the opportunity to view Chicago from the Willis Tower and join the Jubilee! celebration on Navy Pier. A second event, on November 21, brought students downtown to the Lights Festival and Christmas parade.

“As an activities committee chair, I believe the Night on the Town program is a better way to build campus unity and community than having just one big event every year,” said Leanne Koetje ’10 of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Her co-chair, Madison Manden ’10 of Roselle, Illinois, agrees. “We want to be better stewards of our money, and spreading the funds helps more people to get involved rather than the select few who would pay $30 for a formal ticket in the spring.”

According to Student Association President Kyle Geenen ’10 of Holland, Michigan, the student body as a whole seems to be very satisfied with the switch. “The students love the ease of taking the provided transportation and not worrying about the planning. When planning these events, we really stressed the importance of providing a ‘full package’ to the students which includes transportation, food, and tickets if needed, all at a discounted price,” said Geenen. “The entire program is planned for the students, by students.”

Upcoming Night on the Town events may include ice skating at Millennium Park, a zoo adventure in Lincoln Park, or a Trinity-style Amazing Race.

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