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Trinity Tells a Winter’s Tale

The Winter’s Tale, a challenging play that combines tragedy with comedy while exploring themes of reconciliation, redemption, and fidelity, was presented by the department of communication arts November 8-10 and 14-17 in the Fireside Room. 

Written between 1610 and 1611, its first performance on record was on May 15, 1611, at the Globe Theatre in London and is the source of one of Shakespeare’s most famous stage directions: “Exit, pursued by a bear.”

In The Winter’s Tale, 24 out of 25 actors were Trinity Christian College students. The only non-student actor was played to perfection by Cameron Jones, the 8-year-old son of English professor Dr. Mark Jones. Of the 24 college students, ten roles were played by freshmen, three by sophomores, eight by juniors, and three by seniors. 

“The performances were well-attended and, to my knowledge, generally well-received,” said John Sebestyen, director and assistant professor of communication arts. “One of our endeavors was to infuse the Shakespearean language with emotion that can communicate despite the strangeness of the grammatical structure to our contemporary ears.  I am proud of my student actors for taking on this challenge and for communicating subtext through movement, gesture, blocking, and vocal nuance.”

Students shared an equally satisfied opinion of the production.  In particular, some outgoing seniors, like Rick Schuler ’08 of Tinley Park, Illinois, who have been active participants in the theater program were sad to perform their last play at Trinity.

Schuler, who was cast as Leontes, said, "Working with Trinity Theater has been amazing. My acting repertoire has grown enormously, and I know that it's really prepared me for moving on to a professional acting career. I'm so blessed to have been able to be a part of the theater program. My only regret is that I can't stay longer."

For a list of cast members, click here.

To view photos of the set being built, click here.

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