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Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Felecia Thompson saw the effects of not having convenient, affordable medical care in her neighborhood. That experience motivated her to make sure residents in other communities have access to those resources.

Roseland Christian Health Ministries, a nonprofit social service agency, recently honored Thompson for her two years of service on its board of trustees. During that time, she assisted in reorganizing the board to help it establish reliable health care for residents of Roseland community and surrounding neighborhoods.

"I came to the board at a time when restructuring was needed," said Thompson, who will conclude her stint as a trustee this year. "I helped develop committees to better address the needs of the people in the area."

The facility, Christian Community Health Center, offers health care regardless of the patients' ability to pay. The medical staff believes that each person's health is more important than making a profit.

"The health center has a sliding scale for those people who cannot pay," Thompson said. "We wanted to model ourselves after biblical principles and demonstrate the kind of sacrifice and concern for our neighbors that Christ calls us to do."

The College also lauded Thompson for her contributions to community service by bestowing upon her the Catherine Yonker Memorial Award. That honor, named for a former Trinity employee who demonstrated a passion for unity among diversity, recognizes its recipients for their role in promoting Christian race relations and cross-cultural understanding.

"We appreciate the leadership she gives to all of us in racial reconciliation," said Ginny Carpenter, Trinity's dean of students. "Her work makes a difference for all of us."

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