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Felecia Thompson, Trinity's director of academic support and services, will be one voice among 30 in a choir that will sing traditional hymns during a special television broadcast on Thanksgiving Day.

"Hymns of Hope & Healing" will explain the background behind some of Christianity's most beloved hymns and the testimonies of Americans who lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks of September 11. The choir, directed by Charles Butler, music director of Armitage Baptist Church in Chicago, includes Christian musicians from the Chicago area who sing and play the hymns in various arrangements and styles.

"Most of the singers are just people who love to praise God in song," Thompson said about the choir. "We're like a group of backup singers. We've participated in crusades, concerts, and choirs with one another before, and that's how we got together on this project."

Australian filmmaker Peter Beverige conceived "Hymns of Hope" and consulted Laurel Heiss, a friend of Thompson's, about the music. Heiss then assembled the eclectic group to form a strong choir for the program.

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