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A group of 15 students, members of Trinity's service committee, braved damp and chilly weather to help assemble playground equipment at a nearby park with residents of the Navajo Hills neighborhood November 15. Passarelli Park, located west of the campus, is adjacent to Navajo Heights School, a favorite of many grade-school children in the area.

"It is important for us to serve in our own community," said senior Sara Slaats, a member of the service committee, which is involved in many activities throughout Chicago and its south suburbs. "This makes the community more enjoyable and beautiful for us as well as the other residents in this area."

The students worked throughout the day in spite of unfavorable weather conditions as they partnered with the Navajo Hills Homeowners Association to install a jungle gym and merry-go-round. The association has enlisted the College's art department to design murals for the elementary schools in the vicinity. Those painting projects are slated to begin in the spring 2004.