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College to Offer New Criminal Justice Major

Police OfficerIt is one of the most asked about majors not offered at Trinity…until now.

The College is pleased to announce the addition of a criminal justice program for the Fall 2009 semester.

Over the years, admissions counselors have received an increasing number of inquiries about a criminal justice major. By adding the B.A. in criminal justice, Trinity is responding to that need. Not only does this addition address a need of students, it also allows Trinity to provide the criminal justice system with competent and compassionate professionals.

“Police work and the dispensing of balanced justice are tough, sometimes discouraging and loaded with vindication,” said Dr. Brad Breems, professor of sociology. “Trinity’s program works from the hope of redemption and grace.”

StudentThe program will be taught from a uniquely biblical basis, including an emphasis on restorative justice and will—

  • aim to honor the biblical and social bases of law and the need for a justly ordered society.
  • consist of thirty-three credits, adding ten new classes to Trinity’s curriculum. 
  • be based in the sociology department but also utilize other pertinent areas of study.
  • offer outside class experience in five of its regular courses as well as a full-semester internship in the Chicago area.

“We seek to graduate people who will make a difference in the lives of both offenders and the offended,” said Breems, “so that God’s goodness may ride in the police cruiser, season the steps of the prison guard, and accompany the paper and ink of both the law and the citation of offense.” 

For more information about the new criminal justice program, contact Dr. Brad Breems at 708.239.4752. 

To view PDF brochure, download here.


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