News Release

African missionary Danjuma Bulus '02 came back to the College November 19 and gave a stirring message to current and prospective Trinity students during chapel. While talking about some of his experiences sharing the Gospel in his homeland, he emphasized the necessity of seeking and submitting to God's will.

"It is vitally important that you know God's purpose for your lives," Bulus said to the audience, which included a group of high school students on campus for Visit Day. "If you're not in the center of God's will, you're in bondage. Liberation is receiving the Word of God and putting it into action."

Bulus is serving with Rural Evangelistic Missions (REM), an organization whose ministry focuses on areas often overlooked by crusades and other missionaries that target urban settings. The native of Nigeria has been with REM since graduating from Trinity in December 2002 with his degree in church and ministry leadership. He said that finding his calling from God has brought an unspeakable sense of joy.

"When I discovered God's purpose for my life, I developed a passion for doing His work," Bulus said. "God gives us passion to do His work when we trust Him. The security we have is not on earth; it should always be in Jesus Christ. We must be contagious with what we do for Christ, and we can do that when we give ourselves completely to Him."

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