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The alumni board honored the invaluable contributions of several members of the Trinity community, including a psychotherapist, one of Trinity's original faculty, a former secretary to two past presidents, and two loyal friends of the College, by naming them recipients of the 2005 alumni awards.

Dr. Arthur Jongsma, Jr. '63 was tabbed as Trinity's Alumnus of the Year while Dr. Calvin Seerveld, who began teaching philosophy at Trinity in 1959, Lois Boonstra, and George and June Schaaf will receive Honorary Alumni awards. The ceremony for their recognition will take place February 4 at the Presidential Alumni Dinner during Homecoming weekend.

"The alumni board made some difficult decisions; we had some wonderful nominees," said Kelly Triezenberg '02, assistant director of alumni relations. "Dr. Jongsma and Dr. Seerveld are a great connection to the earlier days of the College. Along with Lois Boonstra and George and June Schaaf, they have been a significant part of so many memories at Trinity. We hope that bringing them back to campus will be meaningful for them and for all Trinity alumni as well."

Jongsma began his career as a psychologist in the 1970s at Pine Rest Christian Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He teamed with a group of psychotherapists in 1979 to launch Psychological Consultants, a private practice that works with substance abuse programs. Jongsma developed a database called TheraScribe to help clinicians design treatment plans for their patients and wrote the Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner in 1995.

Seerveld is beloved by many Trinity alumni from the 1960s and '70s for his thought-provoking teaching style. He challenged students in his philosophy classes to think critically about traditional Christian views instead of accepting them without personal reflection. Many of his students have credited him as a primary influence in shaping their worldview as Christians. The Willowdale, Ontario, resident remains in touch with many of the College's Canadian alumni.

Boonstra served in the president's office as the secretary for Drs. Kenneth Bootsma and AJ Anglin, a span of 14 years that ended in 1998. The Schaafs, owners of Schaaf Window Corp. and former owners of Schaaf Glass, helped the College remodel its dining hall and acquire the land along Route 83 that is being developed into athletics fields. Although June Schaaf died last summer, she will receive the honor posthumously. Two of the Schaafs' children are Trinity alumni.

If you would like to attend the Presidential Alumni Dinner, please contact Kelly Triezenberg at 708.239.4854 or

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