News Release


Student and professor exchanges are part of a new agreement being forged between Trinity Christian College and Taeshin Christian University in South Korea. If approved by the Faculty Association, the first student exchange between the two schools could take place as early as next fall.

The seeds of a sister-college relationship were planted when Taeshin President S. K. Chung first visited Trinity 26 years ago for then President Gerard Van Groningen’s inauguration. More recently, President Steven Timmermans flew to Taeshin Christian University last May and invited President Chung to visit Trinity this November.

“We share the same Reformed background,” said President Chung. “We have the same Calvinistic perspective, the same roots, the same way of thinking, the same worldview.”

While at Trinity, President Chung delivered a chapel address and attended a faculty luncheon held in his honor. Click here for a copy of President Chung’s address.

“This partnership with Trinity is important,” said President Chung. “We have much to learn from each other. I look forward to even closer ties with Trinity Christian College.”

Taeshin is one of four Christian colleges in South Korea affiliated with the HapDong (Presbyterian) denomination. 700 students are enrolled at the university. 100 attend Taeshin Theological Seminary.

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