News Release


On November 8th through the 11th, a group of students from Trinity attended the National Christian Multicultural Student Leaders Conference (NCMSLC).  The conference was held at Anderson University and focused on what it means to be a part of a multicultural academic community.

At the conference, students had the opportunity to listen to speakers, partake in workshops, and participate in interactive exercises to help them better understand how to celebrate their diverse campuses.  The students came back equipped with ideas to ignite change in our Trinity community.

Melissa Zapf ’09 of Fortuna, Missouri attended the NCMSLC prepared to learn about building a stronger community on Trinity’s campus.

“It was awesome to see and begin to understand the beauty and diversity in God’s kingdom, as well as my role in promoting unity,” said Zapf.  “I came away both challenged and excited to see what we can bring back to Trinity.”

For a list of other students who attended the NCMSLC at Anderson University click here.


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