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The Gallery of Faculty Scholarship, held November. 8 in the Ozinga Chapel, displayed the research, interests, and projects of more than 30 Trinity professors. Dr. Michael Vander Weele, English professor and chair of the professional development committee, was pleased with the response, which was augmented by holding the event concurrently with the Faith Engaged conference.

"The interest was great, both from faculty and students," he said. "It gave the students a chance to see more of what the faculty does outside the classroom, and it provides visitors a look at some of the areas of scholarship we're involved in."

One of the primary goals for the Gallery is to promote discussion between students and faculty about various research and study tracks that may open doors for other educational opportunities. It also serves as a venue for faculty to learn more about each other's professional achievements.

Scholarship is important at the College, and Vander Weele hopes that its emphasis will grow among students and faculty. 

"The Gallery is a fall complement to OPUS, which celebrates student scholarship in the spring. We've thought about working out a joint effort, but we really don't want to detract from the students' time. At some point, we'd like to invite (the Palos Heights) city council and chamber of commerce. We need to spread the word about the caliber of the faculty we have here."

Among the faculty with exhibits, Rick Snoeyink (education) shared research about technology in education. He studied the experiences of three veteran teachers who were introduced to new technology-based teaching tools and methods as they adapted to using computers and other equipment in their classrooms.

Art professor John Bakker displayed a collage of paintings depicting black families at home and in church. When finished, the entire collection will be put on view in the lobby of a police station in a Chicago neighborhood.

Other faculty participants were: Gitogo Maina and Robin Pals-Rylaarsdam (biology); Mackenzi Huyser and Rose Malinowski (social work); Helen Van Wyck and Ken Austin (music); Charlie Emmerich (political science); Annalee Ward, Craig Mattson, and Sherry Barnes (communication arts); Brad Breems (sociology); Joy Meyer, Patti Powell (education); Virginia La Grand, Dan Diephouse, Mark Jones (English); Yudha Thianto and Don Sinnema (theology); Dick Cole (psychology); David Klanderman (mathematics); Craig Luehr (chemistry); Mark Ward (business); Aron Reppmann (philosophy); and Burt Rozema (Greek).

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