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A group of more than 20 Trinity students, representing various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, attended the National Christian Multicultural Student Leaders Conference in Wenham, Massachusetts, November 13-16.

Several Christian colleges throughout the nation sponsored the conference, which was held at Gordon College this year. One of its primary goals was to empower student leaders to embrace cultural diversity and sensitivity while modeling a style of leadership that is inclusive.

"Empowering is an appropriate word to describe the experience," said senior Myron Graham, president of the Organization of African-American Unity. "I think all the students who participated were motivated to become more active in leadership and promoting diversity on their campuses."

The NCMSLC gave Lionel Ndayishimiye, a native of Oslo, Norway, more clarity about race matters in the United States. It also raised his awareness of the impact he can have on building relationships across social differences.

"Coming to America was a hallmark in my life," said Ndayishimiye, a sophomore. "I would have never thought that racial issues still exist in a land where men and women have died to see them come to an end.

"However, these issues are still alive, even on our Christian campuses. I think this trip helped reassure minority students that we can be leaders and bring change to our own schools. It brought people of many different cultures together to find out what God has called us to do."

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