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The communication arts department of Trinity Christian College presents its fall play, a rendition of Anton Chekhov's "The Seagull," in a new version by playwright Tom Stoppard. The performance features an ensemble of 13 Trinity students, directed by Evan Cater. 

"The Seagull," set in late 19th Century Russia, explores unrequited love through characters who ultimately never achieve their heart's desire. Two of the four central characters are artists who have worked to achieve success and status; the other two struggle to survive. The four artists are drawn into a quadrangle of love as they explore their relationships with one another and as a group. 

Chekhov, known for his use of radical symbolism, creates a play-within-a-play with his use of dialogue. The seagull holds particular significance as a symbol of freedom and opportunity. When the seagull is accidentally shot, its death represents the shattering of hope that two of the play's central characters will ever find happiness and love with each other.

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