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Fall Play Entertains and Challenges-Next performance Nov. 19

This year’s fall play “As It Is in Heaven” enjoyed a good weekend opening and a successful post-show discussion on November 13, opening night.

The play, written by Arlene Hutton, features an all-female cast and gives theatre goers a glimpse into an 1830s Shaker village where the established religious order is upset when new people hoping to join the community claim to see angels and to be blessed with spiritual gifts.

“The most that we hope the audience gathers from the production is a thought or two about the play and the different ways in which it was meaningful for them,” said cast member Marissa DeHaan ’10 of Hanford, California. “This can mean dwelling on the idea of visions and angels and the different ways churches split and come together.  Or it can mean pondering the fruits of the Spirit or the beatitudes our characters were rooted in.”

At the post-show discussion, Dr. Helen Van Wyck, professor of music, commented on the nature of Shaker music being simple and yet simultaneously representing something complex. Dr. Aaron Kuecker, assistant professor of theology, talked about the “terrible blessing” of living in this type of community and made comparisons to the New Testament church during the time of the Apostle Paul. Each of the nine actors responded to audience questions, ranging from practical issues of staging to philosophical issues of characterization.

“My husband and I enjoyed the play, and we’ve had several conversations about it since,” said Jane Voss, program manager of the Church Connection Initiative at Trinity. “I love it when a play makes me think and encourages further discussion.” 

Next Performance
The next performance dates are November 19, 20, & 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the Marg Kallemeyn Theatre of the Art and Communication Center (ARCC). Tickets are $10 for general admission and $7 for students and senior citizens. Tickets may be purchased by calling 708.597.3000 or at the reception desk located on the second floor of the Jennie Huizenga Memorial Library.

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