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Seniors Jared Hohm (Aurora, Illinois) and Nathan Luehr (Alsip, Illinois) and sophomore Jerry Vos (Beecher, Illinois) formed a team of computer programmers who earned first place at the ACM/IBM regional programming competition at Valparaiso University November 1. Juniors Grace Eizenga (Lansing, Illinois) and Jason Woods paired to finish in fourth place.

"These are some of our sharpest computer programming students," said Ron Hansum, a computer science professor at Trinity. "We have had some students who have done well in these competitions, and that's good to see."

During the competition, each team had to solve eight problems within five hours by writing programs in the C++ or Java computer language. Hohm, Luehr, and Vos - known as Trinity Alpha - split the problems among themselves and completed the easier ones first. All of the solutions they submitted were errorless.

"The key is to know what your teammates are good at and what they are not good at," said Luehr, who competed in his third contest. "We are familiar with one another and honest with each other, and that really helped us to work through the problems.

"Finishing in first place is significant for the College. It shows that Trinity has some good computer programmers, and it's important that people know about that."

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