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Civil war broke out on Trinity's campus, and the South won. There was no blood shed, no casualties lost, and no prisoners taken, but plenty of spare change given.

Trinity's service committee initiated a penny war among various groups on campus to raise money for the International Justice Mission. Pennies were at a premium because they were worth positive points. Paper money and silver change, though acceptable, were worth negative points, and the residents of South Hall had the best point total of all the student and faculty/staff groups. All told, the war brought in the equivalent of 47,854 pennies.or $478.54.

"We wanted to get the campus more involved and provide them with opportunities to serve those around them," committee chair Alexandra Prevette said of the first-time fundraiser. "Everyone did a great job participating."

IJM is a Christian ministry that helps people suffering injustice and oppression who cannot rely on local authorities for relief. The agency documents and monitors conditions of abuse and oppression, educates the church and public about the abuses, and mobilizes intervention on behalf of the victims.

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