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Trinity Hosts Freshman Lectures

Trinity welcomed two guests as part of this year’s Freshman Lecture series, sponsored by the English department.

“Our goal is to have the Freshman Lecture be perspectival, interdisciplinary, and focused on alternative interpretive practices,” said Dr. Michael Vander Weele, professor of English.

Speakers come from different disciplines and speak on topics that extend to other disciplines. 

Jamie Smith, associate professor in the department of philosophy at Calvin College, and fellow of the Center for Social Research at Calvin

Nearly 200 students and faculty members gathered to hear Jamie Smith speak on the topic titled “Secular Liturgies.” Smith also spoke at two faculty workshops covering work being done on St. Paul in contemporary European philosophy and studies on liturgy linking literature to the practice of the church rather than to its doctrine or theory. 

Gregory Wolfe, founder and editor of Image, a leading literary quarterly, and director of the M.F.A. program in creative writing at Seattle Pacific University

WolfeGregory Wolfe presented the second Freshman Lecture titled “Beauty Will Save the World:  Why Faith Needs Imagination to Flourish.” Wolfe, a frequent guest on college and university campuses in the U.S. and Canada, spoke on the relationship between truth, goodness, and beauty; how these relate to culture; and the Christian’s engagement in that culture. Wolfe asked listeners if their faith involved inserting Christianity into that culture or if their faith was transforming culture into something more powerful.  

“Part of our mission as an English department is to help students see reading and writing as social practices that develop alongside other social practices,” said Vander Weele. “Our lectures have also emphasized practices, rituals, and liturgies, as much as theories or world views.”

All students are welcome to attend the lectures, which are held annually.

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