News Release

Trinity Christian College is one of two Illinois colleges to be awarded a three-year grant through the Higher Education Cooperation Act (HECA). Trinity and Greenville College, Greenville, Illinois are sharing a $48,000 award to fulfill educational initiatives in their respective communities: Trinity will provide tutoring for students in Chicago's Roseland community, while Greenville will focus on students in its local rural setting. HECA grants are designed to promote effective use of resources through cooperation among institutions, achieve an equitable distribution of education services, and develop innovative concepts and applications.
The grant allows the College to tutor more than 30 students in grades 3-12 once a week through the academic year. Trinity is supplying desks and books, and is sponsoring a drive on campus to collect school supplies. Next summer, the College will host a week-long Pre-College Institute for a group of students to stay on campus while taking classes.

"This is the first of many service-learning projects that will emerge from the Office of Community Partnerships," said Felecia Thompson, director of the newly-formed department. "We can use opportunities like these to help build other communities and have a positive impact on them."

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