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Trinity Business Network Raises a "Green" Topic

“Green” has become a buzzword in a society striving to be more conscious and conscientious about living in a way that is environmentally responsible. This is not a new concept for Christians, who from the beginning were given the mandate by their Creator to “tend the garden.”

Stewardship of the earth was the topic of discussion at the November 6 Trinity Business Network event “Greening Business: It’s Happening.” The featured panel speakers answered questions from guests and shared how their individual companies are committed to protecting the earth’s natural resources.

Brian Lutey, vice president of Green Building at Ozinga Brothers, Inc., said, “Our mission is to use the products we have today without sacrificing the resources of future generations.”

Ozinga promotes environmentally-friendly FiltercreteTM pervious concrete as a key element in their collection of green building products.

Lutey was joined by Stuart Dykstra, principal-director of Natural Resources V3 Companies, Ltd., and Greg Maxwell, senior vice-president of Resource Management Companies.

Dykstra is experienced in hydrogeology, geomorphology, and water resource engineering, as well as management of large surface water, groundwater, and natural areas restoration projects and teams. One of the leading recyclers in the Midwest, Tigchelaar’s company processes and sells recyclable materials directly to mills, manufacturers, or other end users who buy and utilize these materials as feedstock in the manufacture of new products.

President Steve Timmermans stated the College will be considering the use of green building as it looks toward the future expansion of the gymnasium.

Moderator George Vander Velde ‘63, Ph.D., vice president for campus development at Trinity, announced that a second “greening business” event is being planned for February 26, 2009, and will focus on manufacturing products.

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