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Brother 2 Brother Encourages Students to Help "Stop the Violence"

Brother 2 Brother, a student organization striving to encourage males to take responsibility as students, citizens, and leaders, sponsored “Stop the Violence,” an informational lecture on street violence on November 5 in the Van Namen Recital Hall.

Chicago police officer Ronald Holt spoke on the topic from both a professional and a personal standpoint. Holt is the father of Blair Holt, a teenager who was killed in a CTA shooting two years ago. Holt has worked with the Chicago Police Superintendent’s Office and the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy Project Office to promote building communities through trust and cooperation with citizens, educators, community groups, and civic organizations. He was also a panelist in the 2008 WorldView series where he spoke about the power of forgiveness in connection with his personal testimony.

In “Stop the Violence,” Holt addressed the issue of street and gun violence in Chicago by giving statistics, emphasizing the importance of educating students about the issue, and proposing ways to stop the violence on both a community and a personal level. Holt also offered attendees the opportunity to sign a petition to pass the “Blair Bill”—named for his son—that would put tighter restrictions and regulations on firearm possession.

“Brother 2 Brother is concerned with character building, image, responsible citizenship, and work ethic, and it is always looking for ways to implement this mission,” said Don Woo, assistant professor of education and director of ethnic diversity. “The lecture was a good way to give students the opportunity to talk about the issue and ways to be actively involved.” Woo also serves as faculty advisor for Brother 2 Brother.

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