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Where better to learn about Abe Lincoln than his home state of Illinois? With that in mind, several Trinity history students and professors hit the road on Saturday, November 4 for the land of Lincoln — Springfield, Illinois.

“I was glad I made the decision to go,” said Kevin Potts ’09 of Kalamazoo, Michigan. “As a future history teacher, I am always looking for outside educational opportunities to fortify my learning experience.” 

The group toured the Lincoln Presidential Museum where displays ranged from a reconstruction of Lincoln’s childhood log cabin home to his Springfield law office. Associate Professor of History Dr. John Fry said the exhibits were true to history.

“The museum used the latest technology to get across important lessons about Lincoln, his life, and the United States in the mid-nineteenth century without trivializing that important era in American history,” he said.

The students also filed past a recreation of the president’s body lying in state following his assassination. The group learned that thieves had tried to steal Lincoln’s remains shortly after his death.

The Law and Politics Society and Historical Association of Students sponsored the tour.

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