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Students Attend Leadership Conference in New York

GroupNine Trinity students attended the annual National Christian Multicultural Student Leaders Conference (NCMSLC) at Houghton College in Houghton, New York, on October 29-31. The conference aims to help students develop their understanding of cultural diversity and the roles they might play in leading their campuses toward cultural competency.

“Through this conference, I learned that knowingly and unknowingly we tend to prejudge not only other races but our own race as well,” said Sylvia Turner ’10 of Chicago, Illinois. “I was encouraged and empowered to stretch myself in the area of multicultural leadership. I learned to think outside of the box and incorporate all races into my vision of the body of Christ.”

Over 300 Christian, multicultural students from all over the world attended the conference. The conference included speakers, workshops, interactive exercises, and training to help participants celebrate diversity and develop programs to meet the needs of campuses and society.  Students also learned how to use their own skills and experiences to become effective Christian leaders on their campuses and in their communities.

“What I learned from NCMSCL changed my perspective of leadership by trying to continue to remain respectful to everyone while maintaining a leadership role,” said Chris Bosch ’11 of Zeeland, Michigan. “NCMSLC gives you the tools in life to approach situations with respect. I am now more conscious of respecting people who are different than I am in terms of race.”

Trinity students that attended:

Chris Bosch ’11 of Zeeland, Michigan
Harold Boyd ’10 of Chicago, Illinois
Sharon Chun ’11 of Northbrook, Illinois
Patrick Cobb ’10 of Chicago, Illinois
Tornu Ngwayah ’11 of Evergreen Park, Illinois
Krystal Riddle ’09 of Harvey, Illinois
Kristin Thomas ’11 of Chicago, Illinois
Sylvia Turner ’10 of Chicago, Illinois
Camille Villegas ’11 of Chicago, Illinois
Accompanied by Troy Schemper, residence director and coordinator of student services

Trinity’s attendance at the conference was sponsored by the Ethnic Diversity Committee. For more information about the conference, visit the NCMSLC Web site at

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