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The Trinity Community Writes Their Verse

Bible Across AmericaOn Monday, November 3, students, faculty, and staff joined over 31,000 Americans in writing a verse in a historical, hand-written NIV Bible.

Trinity was one stop on the Bible Across America national tour, sponsored by Zondervan. The promotional tour, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the New International Version of the Bible, is traveling to 44 states asking people from all walks of life to contribute to the Bible that will be published at the end of the tour. 

Karen Slager, administrative assistant for development, was one of many who came out on the beautiful fall day to contribute her verse.

“I took time to write a verse, because it was a chance to take part in something fun that was, more than likely, a chance of a lifetime,” she said. “It was also a way to support Zondervan’s celebration of the New International Version of the Bible which got its start right here in Palos Heights.”

Zondervan’s RV will travel across the United States making stops at churches, universities, retail stores, and special events. Upon completion of the tour, America’s NIV will be printed with an index referencing all contributors by name and sold in retail stores. The original copy will be donated to the Smithsonian Institute.

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