News Release


Alumni athletes recently teamed up for a few days of fun and the annual “Troll-gating” cookout, as grads returned to campus to compete in baseball and soccer games.

A record number of alumni women came to campus and played the women’s junior varsity soccer team, with the JV winning 5-1. The number of alumni men participating grows every year; this year more than 30 alumni competed. Grads from 2003 and earlier played against more recent alums but lost. Alumni baseball players held games a couple weeks prior to the official alumni weekend on October 13, and the alumni women’s basketball team met afterward.

Players later enjoyed a cookout, and alumni board members and development office staff helped serve guests.

“We love providing the opportunity for alumni athletes to come back on campus and to play on the field, court, or diamond again,” said Kelly Netjes ’02, director of alumni relations. “Many alumni have good memories that center around their athletics experience and others remember cheering for them. It’s good to relive those memories, even when older, wiser, and a little more out-of-shape.”

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