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Ordinary People Called to Extraordinary Action

The first person she hid from the Nazis was a co-worker. And it was not long before Diet Eman and her fiancÚ Hein were hiding other Jews.

The young couple was ripped from the life they had known in the Netherlands and thrust into the Dutch resistance of World War II. Instead of planning their future, Diet and Hein were conceiving ways to harbor people the Dutch had lived alongside for generations but were now being targeted by Hitler.

Last week, nearly 500 students, faculty and staff, and friends of the College gathered in the Ozinga Chapel to watch the film The Reckoning: Remembering the Dutch Resistance, and to meet two subjects of the documentary: Diet Eman and John Knight.

John (Knegt) Knight of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was a nine-year-old boy in the Netherlands who witnessed the covert activities of his father's resistance group during the Dutch struggle against Germany.

"The more bad things happened to innocent people, the greater the resistance became," said Knight.

After the film, he shared memories of surviving the detonation of a stray grenade at his school and of Nazis throwing bread into the street to lure starving people outside past curfew-an offense punishable by death.

For her part in the resistance, Eman was eventually imprisoned in the Vught Concentration Camp, the same camp that interned Corrie Ten Boom. Hein was arrested and sent to another camp where he died a few months before the liberation of the Netherlands.

Eman, an 86-year-old resident of Grand Rapids, is the author (with James Schaap) of the book Things We Couldn't Say and travels the country to share her heart-wrenching and awe-inspiring story.

The small, but very spirited woman told those gathered in the Ozinga Chapel, "This is not a story of my life; it is a story of God's faithfulness."

The screening of The Reckoning marked the final offering of the new WorldView series for this year.

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