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Author of Isolation at the Bootsma Bookstore Café

Don’t read this if you scare easily…

That is the recommendation of those who have read the new novel Isolation by author Travis Thrasher ’93. Thrasher will be signing copies of his latest release on Saturday, November 15, at the Bootsma Bookstore Café from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Isolation is a suspense/horror novel that follows the Miller family as they move to a secluded mansion in North Carolina in an attempt to escape the routine of their stressful lives. When a snowstorm traps them in their new home with the evil they discover lurking there, the Millers are stretched to their limits and begin to wonder if their love for one another and for God is enough to save them. 

“Reviewers have called it scary, which I take as a compliment,” said Thrasher. “It’s a very intense story. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s a very dark tunnel.”

Isolation coverOn the surface, the story is about evil in the world, but on a deeper level, Thrasher illuminates the spiritual warfare raging in the daily lives of Christians. One reviewer writes, “It is the ultimate example of what can happen when Christians let their guard down or allow a hole to open up in their armor.”

For more information on this chilling read, visit Thrasher’s Web site at

For more information about the book signing, call the bookstore at 708.239.4702.


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