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Since coming to Trinity in 1988, Dr. Brad Breems has been an advocate for the College's progress toward diversity. The Organization of African-American Unity paid tribute to his work for the past 15 years at a recent chapel.

Myron Graham, president of OAAU, presented a plaque to Breems Wednesday, October 15, in appreciation of the support, advice, and encouragement the sociology chair has provided for hundreds of minority students at Trinity over the years.

"He's been a mentor and a friend for me as well as a number of other students," said Graham, a senior from Chicago who majors in social work. "The work he has done to help make this campus become more diverse is underappreciated. We wanted to let him know that we are grateful for everything he's done."

Breems helped draft Trinity's ethnic diversity plan and has been a catalyst in implementing tangible changes to achieve that goal. He also contributed to the formation of the OAAU and once served as its adviser. He is in his third year as chair of the ethnic diversity committee.

"Reconciliation among people across social divisions, ethnic groups, and different classes was central to Christ's ministry," Breems said. "It should not be a tangent in our lives either. The whole College suffers when it does not reflect the world's diversity and prospers when it does.

"OAAU is perhaps the most active student group on campus. Each year, it leads several chapel services, hosts a soul food dinner, sponsors poetry reading, visits churches, and supports other multicultural groups on campus. I am deeply grateful for their award."

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