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Ordinary People Called to Extraordinary Action

What would you do?

What would you do if your father was involved in covert activities to thwart the efforts of an evil regime?

What would you do if given the choice between either ensuring your own safety or harboring the innocent?

John (Knegt) Knight of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was a nine-year-old boy in the Netherlands who witnessed the covert activities of his father's resistance group during the Dutch struggle against Germany during World War II.

"The more bad things happened to innocent people, the greater the resistance became."

He will share his personal testimony on Thursday, October 25, at 7:30 p.m. in the Ozinga Chapel as WorldView at Trinity presents the film The Reckoning: Remembering the Dutch Resistance. After the screening audience members will also hear from the film's director, the founder of Storytelling Pictures, John Evans.

More than 200,000 Dutch, including 110,000 Jews, lost their lives as part of the German occupation during World War II.

This award-winning documentary captures the compelling stories and eyewitness accounts of six survivors in war-torn Netherlands during World War II. All of these individuals were either eyewitnesses, active participants in resistance efforts, or Jewish targets. Their activities commenced with the German invasion of the Netherlands on May 10, 1940, and continued till the arrival of the Allies in 1945.

Hundreds have attended events in the new WorldView at Trinity, community and college series for film, word, and music, which was implemented this year. Admission is free.

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