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Students ready to "let loose" gathered for five entertaining hours at this year's Trollstock, held on Wednesday, October 12. Chomping on a picnic dinner of brats, barbecue chicken sandwiches, potato salad, and caramel apples was just part of the evening, as musicians played for a crowd of over 200. 

The College's Acting on AIDS chapter, in partnership with the Social Justice Chapter, surprised the crowd by providing enough signatures on their petition for federal funding for orphans affected by AIDS. Normally a petition would not cause so much excitement, but the completion of this project resulted in Travis Bandstra '06 appearing with a newly bald head. Bandstra, the former student association vice president, agreed to shave his head if the two groups reached their petition signature goal. Trollstock 2005 also featured a talent show with prizes for first, second, and third place winners.

Jon Wenzel ´07 received an honorable mention, narrowly defeated by Andy Borozan ´07  and Kurt DeVries ´07, who took third for their musical renditions of older songs. Fred Schmid ´06 came in second for his meditative song. But "The Grumpy Vandeeles," consisting of  Rick Schuler ´08, Pete Kosmal ´07, Rob Childs ´08, Grant Mulder ´08, and Jake Szafranfski ´09 were the winning combo for their parody of Weezer's "Bevery Hills;" "Trinity Hills." 

"We were very proud and honored to win Trollstock and we couldn't have done it without our inspiration, Gary VanDeel ´08," Schuler said. "It felt good to be able to play with so many other awesome groups."

Staff members also participated in the festivities. Security guard, James Nelson, joined by colleagues Grace Cisker and Mary Beth Palmer, sang the Motown classic, "My Girl."  Other star presentations came from students Daniel Morales ´08 and Kindra Glashower ´08, who performed "The Elephant Medley" from Moulin Rouge. Their dramatic and romantic act moved the crowd, who eventually joined in by singing along. 

Student pieces were followed by a closing concert by James Nelson, Drew Scott, and Flatfoot 56. The evening closed with the headlining band, Black Ascaris.

"Trollstock 2005 proved to be a high energy night," said Esther Peters ´07, a student and member of the Social Justice Chapter. "It culminated with great support for a wonderful cause."

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