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Bringing spirituality into the workplace can be a tough task, especially for those who interact with people from a variety of backgrounds. That is why the department of social work at Trinity Christian College and Hull House Association co-sponsored a free workshop for social service professionals, Thursday, October 6. Over 100 people and 15 organizations attended the event, which focused on helping specialists incorporate spirituality into their careers.

"Spirituality is a component of people's lives that often goes unmentioned within a worker-client relationship," said Jennifer Fahy, coordinator of the event. "Participants were able to look at the possibility of including clients' spiritual experiences, beliefs, and motivations in evaluation and counseling."  

Hope Haslam Straughan, PhD, ACSW, assistant professor of social work at Wheelock College, and Kim Jackson Cobb, LCSW, clinical director of Hull House Association's Neighbor to Neighbor Foster Care Program, spoke at the clinic. The two experts looked at the historical shifts in the social work field, the potential role of spirituality in social services, and the possible implications of applying spirituality for practice, personal, and professional development. The seminar was held in the College's Ozinga Chapel and featured a networking fair with Chicago and south suburban social service providers. 

"The day provided an opportunity for the College's department of social work to interact and become actively involved with individuals, agencies, and the neighborhood," Fahy said. "The workshops are a valuable aid to the social service community in the training they provide on current, relevant social work issues."  

The social work department holds educational meetings year-round to provide resources and networking for social work practitioners and interested community members. The department of social work also offers continuing education unit credits to licensed social workers at the workshops. 

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