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In a world increasingly focused on graduating college students who can earn high salaries, choosing a career in ministry can be difficult. That's why the Church Connection Initiative at Trinity decided to address such an issue at "Faith Engaged: The Church in Today's World," a mini-conference for pastors and staff, held at the College October 5. 

Rev. Tim Hoekstra, Rev. Pedro Aviles, and two Trinity Christian College students led a seminar titled: "Discerning the Call." The sectional was designed to provide insight and assistance to church leaders who want to influence young people and teens in their congregations to consider careers in ministry.

The seminar began by focusing on the importance of having adolescents build a personal relationship with Jesus. "The real call is a vertical one," Rev. Aviles said, "and when a person has a radical recognition in their heart that Jesus Christ really has made a difference -- where they become connected with Jesus Christ -- that's where to start."

Building off of that foundation of faith, God issues a direct call to serve in a particular capacity. "By affirming a personal relationship, we cannot resist God's call to ministry," Rev. Hoekstra said. 

Once God places the mission on the heart of a member, leaders can serve God by helping nurture that passion in three important steps:  having older members mentor youth, assigning them specific tasks, and staying in contact with them, Rev. Hoekstra explained. 

The team also placed a high importance on pastors praying, noting a recent study, which showed that 57% of pastors pray fewer than 20 minutes per day.

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