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Over 375 people from Northwest Indiana, Wisconsin, and the greater Chicago area came to Trinity Christian College seeking better ways to serve the Lord through preaching, worship, service, and leadership development on Wednesday, October 5. "Faith Engaged: The Church in Today's World," a mini-conference held by the Church Connection Initiative at Trinity, served as a liaison between local churches and the College, bringing in a variety of speakers aimed at strengthening local churches and encouraging both pastors and parishioners.

"´Faith Engaged` was a wonderful day of reminders and challenges," President Dr. Steven Timmermans said. "Trinity is, and is becoming, even more of a place for continual learning and inspiration for those seeking to live faithful lives, whether in the pew or on the trading floor. `Faith Engaged´ was a wonderful expression of the gathering place Trinity is called to be."

The day-long program featured interactive workshops on topics such as diversity, worship and prayer, mission work, promoting healthy pastorates, mental health issues, and discerning a call to ministry. Dr. Richard J. Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary and author of "Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport," closed the program in the evening with a lecture on Calvinism for the 21st century. 

"Dr. Mouw encouraged the College to hold fast to our Reformed heritage, yet encouraged us to dialogue and learn from other Christians and from other traditions," Dr. Timmermans recalled.

"Faith Engaged was exactly what the Church Connection Initiative at Trinity is all about," said Jane Voss, CCIT program manager. "We were effective in drawing the greater Christian community to campus for learning and interaction with the College."

The CCIT hope to hold another "Faith Engaged" program next fall. Upcoming events include the Kid's Hope USA/Potential Church Partners Luncheon on October 25 and the Reformation Hymn Fest on November 4. 

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