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Some of Dr. Nelvia Brady's achievements, successes, and milestones have made history. Now she is officially a HistoryMaker.

Trinity's ethnic diversity director was added to a Chicago-based archive institution's list of prominent African-Americans who have made significant impact on various aspects of U.S. history.

"I never thought of myself as a history maker," Brady said. "Some of the people who have been profiled are real giants in our history. I know a lot of the others, and it's an honor to be among their company."

The HistoryMakers is an educational museum committed to preserving black history as the missing link in American history. Its library of video archives highlights the noteworthy accomplishments of well-known and unsung heroes in areas such as religion, business, politics, law, medicine, sports, and entertainment.

Brady, who also teaches in the College's business department, was lauded as a champion of diversity during her career in education. She helped the Chicago Public Schools initiate its desegregation plan in the early 1980s. In 1988, she was the first African-American and female to become the chancellor for the City Colleges of Chicago. Later, as vice president at Carrington & Carrington, Ltd., she recruited minorities to work for Fortune 500 companies at executive levels.

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