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As Nancy Kwasteniet sat in her new office in Groot Hall sifting through boxes, she continued to sort through the reality of changing jobs at Trinity.

"I'm a bit surprised that I accepted this position," said the College's new director of academic support and services. "When I talked with President (Steven) Timmermans and  Ginny (Carpenter, vice president of student development)), their enthusiasm about the possibilities and challenges within the position convinced me to try it. Even before I interviewed, I sensed that the Lord had been directing my path to this point all along."

Kwasteniet had been a professor in Trinity's education department for six years. She rewrote the special education curriculum to meet the State of Illinois' standards and watched the program blossom to include more than 60 majors and minors. The difficult decision to step out of the classroom was made a bit easier by the assurance of individual interaction with students.

"I may not interact with as many students as I'm accustomed to, but I'll be able to give more personal attention to them," she said. "I will continue to teach, but it won't be in the same context."

Carpenter is confident that Kwasteniet, who replaced Felecia Thompson, is qualified and capable of flourishing in academic support and services.

"Nancy knows and understands higher education," Carpenter said. "She has experience in special education, she has worked with students who have learning disabilities, and she has developed programs that not only support students but also are sensitive to faculty concerns. She has the tools to build on what's been established in that area."

Kwasteniet is certain to encounter some situations that will demand tough resolutions. She hopes to find options that are beneficial to students and faculty alike.

"There will be a lot of judgment calls and decisions that will affect students' futures," she said. "I'll work with individuals who have learning disabilities and other challenges to discover ways that will enable them to find success at the college level. Knowing when to push them and when to support them will be critical.

"I believe I have a good rapport with the faculty, which will help me advocate for students. These relationships will enable us to find ways of matching students' learning styles with effective teaching methods."

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