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Math teachers in developing countries will be better equipped to teach math from a Christian perspective thanks to a group of math educators that includes Trinity professor Dr. Dave Klanderman.

Calvin College's Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning agreed to sponsor an initiative in which Klanderman's team will develop a classroom curriculum that incorporates math lessons with spiritual and moral concepts. The supplementary material will target teachers in middle school and high school.

"We're grappling with the age-old question, 'What does it mean to teach math from a Christian perspective?'" said Klanderman, whose graduate studies focused on math education, particularly at the secondary level. "God created an ordered world that has beauty and regularity. Mathematics is one lens through which we can view that beauty and regularity.

"Our goal is to help teachers with their interactions with students. Many Christian-school teachers overseas have expressed a need for such materials. They are severely constrained by standardized curricula and often have little or no choice of what textbooks they use, but they are eager to introduce a Christian perspective to their students."

Klanderman previously collaborated with 10 other college math professors to write a book titled "Mathematics in a Postmodern Age: A Christian Perspective." Klanderman and his current colleagues, who include high school and college math teachers, began working on their project in August, and they anticipate it will be completed in 2006. They intend to furnish the lessons through the Internet at no charge. 

"Teachers in Eastern Europe, Africa, and other parts of the world lack the financial resources to purchase printed materials," Klanderman said. "We want to offer them more flexibility in the math content they teach, and many of them have access to the Internet."

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