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A well-rounded recycling program should include more than blue bins in every residence hall room. There are preliminary discussions at Trinity to develop plans that will educate the campus community about environmental stewardship and encourage them to participate actively.

A group of students and faculty has taken steps to formulate a recycling program and environmental club on campus. Dr. Susan Emmerich, an environmental consultant and adjunct professor of environmental science at the College, spoke during chapel on Wednesday, October 1, and urged the audience to preserve and restore the earth's beauty and reserves.

"God's creation testifies of His divine qualities," said Emmerich, whose husband, Dr. Charlie Emmerich, teaches political science at the College. "The Lordship of Christ extends to every area of our lives, from gas efficiency to our waste disposal habits. As Christians, we share the responsibility because God calls us to keep the earth and its integrity, and our choices affect nature's ability to survive."

Keith Dykstra, a sophomore from Highland, Indiana, is among the Trinity students who hope to lead the campus' recycling initiative. The goal is for the College to become more cognizant of maximizing its use of recyclable materials.

"This would be a great program for us to have," said Dykstra. "It would heighten the awareness for preserving creation and remind us of our role in taking proper care of it."

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