News Release


On Tuesday, October 3, Palos Bank held their 50th anniversary celebration on Trinity's campus. Nearly 900 of the bank's customers and guests were in attendance at the private event held in the Ozinga Chapel. The keynote speaker was former Secretary of State and retired General Colin Powell.

After a brief introduction from Palos Bank and Trust President Gregory Paetow, Powell began his wide-ranging and engaging presentation.

General Powell's speech about leadership was witty, patriotic, and full of wisdom. The idea of servant leadership inspired by a shared vision and mission had a familiar ring to it for several members of the Trinity community who were in attendance as ambassadors for the College. One such ambassador was Student Association President Nathan Vis '07.

"It was especially moving to hear General Powell discuss the need to return to the words in America's founding documents," Vis said. "Research will bring clarity to many of the items on the American government's plate right now."

In the words of Trinity's President Steven Timmermans, "As I listened, it became immediately clear that General Powell is a statesman. His remarks were given to unify. His perspectives highlighted the best in the United States and other countries."

After the general's presentation, members of the Palos Bank and Trust community came together for a gala reception on the Commons lawn.

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