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The new WorldView at Trinity community and college series for film, word, and music began on a celebratory and joyful note as the Watoto Children's Choir attracted nearly 700 people to the Ozinga Chapel for the first fall event. Audience members, including students, faculty, staff, community members, and friends of the College, enjoyed the musical and dance giftings of these Ugandan orphans and heard testimonies of how God has rescued them from hopelessness.

Before the concert, Dr. Helen Van Wyck, professor of music, and several music students enjoyed a time of food and fellowship with the choir.

"For Christians, a worldview is a faith-shaped set of lenses we use to view God's world, allowing us to see hope for restoration and renewal," said President Steven Timmermans.

In keeping with this year's WorldView theme of restoration and renewal, the second event featured the film God Grew Tired of Us. Six Sudanese "Lost Boys," representative of those documented in the film, shared their personal stories after the film.

Several students from the Social Justice Chapter joined Dr. Brad Breems, professor of sociology and department chair, and Dr. Bob Rice, professor of history, for an informal dinner with the six "Lost Boys" before the film.

Trinity then welcomed Dr. Donald Hopkins, vice president of health programs for the Carter Center, who presented a compelling lecture about his work to eradicate Guinea worm disease. The highly distinguished doctor and humanitarian was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune Magazine.

Dr. Barb Timmermans, associate professor of nursing; Lorinda Lindemulder, assistant professor of nursing; and Joyce Fitzpatrick, assistant professor of nursing; and Dr. Laurel Quinn, associate professor of nursing; and several nursing students were among the dinner guests who spent time with Hopkins prior to his lecture.

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