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A joyful gathering of Trinity Christian College students, faculty, and staff celebrated the College's 46th birthday Friday, September 30, with cake and multiple rounds of the "Happy Birthday" song. Birthday cake was served to over 300 people at several locations on campus. 

The birthday celebration was hosted by the alumni office, which saw the occasion as a way to acquaint students with the services it has to offer. "The birthday celebration was one small way for the alumni office to show students that we want to serve them," said Kelly Netjes, assistant director of alumni relations." One of our goals for the year is to get in front of current students so that they know who we are and that we can be a resource for them after they graduate. We hope to make this an annual event; something that students can look forward to and plan on each year."

Since the College's founding on October 1, 1959, the student population has grown from 37 students and five full-time faculty members to 1,280 students and 66 full-time faculty members.

"When I think of the first Board of Trustees, our current trustees, and the committed faculty and staff over the years, I become exceedingly thankful that they have brought Trinity to an excellent point in history," President Steven Timmermans said. "God has blessed us greatly, and the many supporters that have graced and continue to grace this campus are evidence of that rich blessing."  

In February 2001, the College dedicated the 1,200-seat Martin and Janet Ozinga Chapel, and in 2002, the Heritage Science Center was completed. The College expanded once more in 2004 with the completion of Alumni Hall, a dormitory named to honor the College's graduates. Future projects include an Art and Communication Center that will provide students ample space and tools to cultivate creative expression. 

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