News Release

Beginning this fall, Trinity Christian College and College of DuPage will collaborate to help C.O.D adult students earn a bachelor's degree in education along with their teaching certificate through Trinity's Adult Studies Education program. The agreement will allow C.O.D students to complete Trinity's program without having to drive to Palos Heights. 

Dr. Steven Timmermans, president of Trinity, and Dr. Sunil Chand, president of the College of DuPage, signed the cooperative agreement on September 22, allowing Trinity to offer its Accelerated Teaching Certification program at the College of DuPage's Addison campus. The cooperative agreement is the result of years of communication between the two schools. 

The Adult Studies Teaching Certification program has been offered at Trinity Christian College for the past five years and has produced over 500 graduates. The C.O.D satellite will start two cohorts of students each year, one beginning in September and the other in January. The College of DuPage is the single largest community college in the Midwest.

The cooperative agreement allows students' to complete their education degrees and acquire teacher certificates over a 15-month period of coursework and one semester of student teaching at a local elementary or high school. Classes meet one night per week to allow adults with full-time jobs to complete college degrees.

"As a society, we need to model how to collaborate," said Dr. Timmermans. "I'm delighted to have Trinity work together with College of DuPage in this particular kind of partnership."

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